Encourage lawmakers to pass a Constitutional Amendment allowing the people of Georgia to vote on Gaming.

Let Us Decide

Georgia needs new revenue and legalizing gaming can provide it.
Rural Healthcare is in crisis, hospitals are closing and access to care for many Georgians is at risk.
Economic uncertainty is forcing state budget cuts across a wide range of departments, and revenue from the lottery is not enough to ensure the survival of the game-changing HOPE Scholarship program and restore the promise of full college tuition paid for all Georgia residents.
Rural Georgia needs new jobs and the massive economic boost that will come from out of state investment and an influx of out of state tourist dollars.
The economic benefits of destination entertainment resorts are now well documented from Mississippi to Massachusetts. Billions of new investments by resort developers, mean thousands of construction jobs, thousands of hotel, restaurant, entertainment and hospitality jobs is just the beginning.
Passage of a Constitutional Amendment in the 2020 session allowing Georgia voters to decide the issue on the November ballot is critical to securing a future of hope, prosperity and growth for all of Georgia. Please get involved and reach out to your local State Representatives and Senators to let them know that it is time to LET US DECIDE.

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